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Dedicate a Tree

Nestled in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, the tranquillity and beauty of Fedw Farm has been envied and enjoyed by many. Our vision is that by offering you the chance to plant a dedicated tree, you too can watch your tree grow and blossom in this beautiful landscape.

Perhaps you’d like to celebrate a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary with a unique gift. What better way to remember the passing of a loved one or a beloved pet, being able to visit and even intern their ashes in a private and meaningful way.

By dedicating a tree in this wonderful location, you will be able to do all this, whilst supporting wildlife, creating new habitats and reducing your own Carbon Footprint for generations to come.

Whether you choose a young tree or a tree that is more established and mature, your tree dedication will provide a long-lasting gift that can be visited time after time.

“Celebrate and Remember with a Tree”

Our History

Fedw (pronouncedVed-oo) Farm is set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons on the edge of Wales' largest National Park.

The 200-acre sheep farm, which has buildings dating back to the 1600’s, has been passed from father to son since 1860.

Current owner William started farming Fedw in his own right in the early 1990’s. After marrying Samantha and starting his own family, he began to think about the future. It soon became apparent that if William and Samantha were going to be able to pass the farm on to their children they were going to have to diversify.

In 1998, the couple opened the Fedw Equine Retirement Centre, where horse owners from all over the UK could retire their equine friends. Enabling them to live out their retirement in the breathtaking and tranquil Brecon Beacon surroundings that Fedw affords.

On the passing of each equine guest a tree is planted. This gives owners a special place to remember and celebrate the life of their beloved pet, some even scattering ashes here.

On hearing about this, friends of the farm began to organically request trees to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and marriages.

And this is how Dedicate A Tree began……

“Celebrate and Remember with a Tree”

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Whilst watching your tree grow and blossom in this beautiful environment you will be also be reducing your carbon footprint on earth and providing wildlife with a new habitat.

Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

They also help to preserve the biodiversity of the area by providing food and shelter for insects and birds.  

Choose your Tree

How do you dedicate a tree…

From the website you simply choose the tree which you feel best reflects your dedication.

As well as young trees we have a small selection of mature trees that can be adopted (please see our ‘Trees’ section for a description of the different species of young tree available and those also available in the established woodland). We can arrange, by appointment, towel come you for your tree’s planting.

1. Choose your tree

2. Complete your dedication and     payment

3. Visit Fedw Farm to plant your tree
    or let us take pictures as we plant
    it for you

4. Your tree and its location will
    thereafter be cared for by Fedw     Farm

5. Visit your tree as often as you like