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“Celebrate and Remember with a Tree”

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How to dedicate a tree…


“We cannot change what has gone before but together we can plant and grow towards a better future”  

From the website you simply choose the tree which you feel best reflects your dedication.

As well as young trees we have a small selection of mature trees that can be adopted (please see our ‘Trees’ section for a description of the different species of young trees available and those also available in the established woodland). We can also arrange, by appointment, to welcome you for your tree’s planting.

After choosing your tree you can decide whether to add a plaque and with the wording you wish to use. Alternatively, you can always add a plaque at a later date.

Once you have purchased the tree, and if you decide not to visit for its planting, we will send you a grid reference confirming your tree’s exact location and photos of planting. If you have purchased a plaque we will also place it at your tree after planting.

Your living tree dedication is then here for you to visit, allowing you to watch it grow. We only ask that you always check the website for opening times and check the weather conditions before visiting.

If you have bought the tree as a memorial, as time progresses, you are welcome to scatter or bury additional ashes around your tree and purchase one of our dedication plaques.  You may even like to purchase additional trees or an individual plot for the future. If this is the case, please get in touch and we will help guide you through your options.

You are welcome to plant bulbs around your tree, taking care to avoid the roots. We also supply wildflower seeds that you can spread which complement Fedw’s specific habit.

During each year we will keep in touch via our newsletter and on each anniversary of your tree’s planting we will send you (should you wish) an updated photo of your tree.

Our dedication to you…

We will look after your tree, feeding & watering it as well as providing the structural support and protection it needs as it grows.

“We cannot change what has gone before but together we can plant and grow for a better future”

As nature dictates occasionally trees will fail. If this occurs within ten years of your dedication, your tree will be replaced free of charge. If your tree fails after ten years, we will contact you to ask whether you would like to purchase a new replacement tree at cost. Where possible we will position this new tree in the previous position. However, this will depend on the surrounding trees and the availability of natural light to allow a young tree to grow. Therefore, it may be necessary to ask you to choose a different area.

Any trees which can be replaced, will be done so in the wintertime.

Alternatively, you may choose to have your plaque added to our plaque wall as a permanent dedication, free of charge.

We reserve the right to remove any dead or dangerous trees without prior contact. However, we will let you know this has been necessary, as soon as we can. Following discussion with you, we will either place the plaque on our plaque wall or leave the plaque in position beside the tree stump. 

Memorial Plaque

Our plaques are made out of welsh slate. The plaque can be used as a memorial message, dedication, sponsorship or for any other cause. Plaques will be placed at the base of your tree unless you would prefer it to be incorporated into our wall. You can also choose a slate to have indoors.

Our History


Our requests…..

Our ethos is to keep Fedw Farm as peaceful and environmentally friendly as possible. We therefore ask that you respect and abide by the following:

Any items contravening the above will be removed and kept at our office for what we consider to be a reasonable period of time, to allow you to collect them. We will not necessarily contact you in such circumstances.