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“Celebrate and Remember with a Tree”

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Why dedicate a tree?

Some people buy a tree to mark a happy occasion like a wedding, anniversary, birthday or birth of a child, others to remember their loved ones.

Your tree can be planted to mark any occasion you choose including:

Why plant a tree not flowers or give gifts?

Do you collect ashes from the funeral Directors?

Yes, this service is provided at extra cost please enquire via the website Contact Us page.  
Please note you will have to obtain written permission to the funeral director to allow ‘Dedicate A Tree Ltd’ to collect the ashes on your behalf.

Can I scatter on the ground at my tree?

Yes of course. You can either do it yourselves or we can arrange this to be done for you. We also have a number of other dedicated areas for Ash scattering.

Can I bury ashes on the ground at my tree?

Yes of course. So, the root system doesn’t get damaged we can arrange this to be done for you.

Can I spend time with my tree?

We encourage you to spend time at Fedw enjoying the views of the beautiful Brecon Beacons. Dragon’s Cwtch has a comfy seating area for you to relax and get away from the bustle of everyday life.

What do I wear when visiting?

Obviously, this depends on the weather but it’s wise to bring walking shoes or wellies and a waterproof coat.

Are there specific quiet times?

Yes, 10am-12pm is our dedicated quiet, reflection time.

Are there bathroom facilities available?

At present we have temporary toilet facilities.

What should I do if I have a problem?

You can contact us through the “Contact Us” option on our website or email us direct at enquiries@dedicateatree.co.uk. We will require details of the tree i.e. plot number or reference number. If you do not have these details, we will ask further questions to find the record on our system.

“Celebrate and Remember with a Tree”

Our requests…..

Our ethos is to keep Fedw Farm as peaceful and environmentally friendly as possible. We therefore ask that you respect and abide by the following:

Any items contravening the above will be removed and kept at our office for what we consider to be a reasonable period of time, to allow you to collect them. We will not necessarily contact you in such circumstances.


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